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Easy To Follow Dog Training Guide.

February 10th, 2012 · No Comments

A better name for the art of dog training would be “human training”. This is because a dog cannot be effectively trained until the owner learns how to go about doing it. The ability to train dogs is not instinctive; an owner has to learn before he or she can teach. This brief discussion will provide assistance in understanding dog training.

Behavior problems that suddenly occur with no reason may indicate a medical problem that needs to be evaluated by a veterinarian. Certain health conditions, or even pain, can completely change an animal’s demeanor. It could even be to the point that the dog may become more aggressive and lash out at people. Because they cannot speak to let us know there is a problem, this is how they alert us to the fact that they require extra attention.

Make sure you are consistent when you train your dog. Write down the specific commands you want to use with your dog, and get everyone in your household to review the list and use the same words. Only reward for good behavior. Bad behavior must have its own reaction. If everyone is on the same page, the dog will better understand what is expected of him.

Walking on a leash is a big step in your dog’s training. This will make sure you are both safe when talking walks.

If there are triggers for your dog’s bad behavior, while you pass temptation, keep him busy. If your dog has trouble around other dogs, consider keeping him occupied whenever the two of you pass another dog whenever you are on your walks together. This could re-jigger his associations and make him associate other dogs with positive reinforcement.

Anxious dogs tend to chew things, including your upholstery. Placing the dog in a safe environment such as a dog crate and providing a chew toy keeps the dog safe and occupied until your return.

When someone enters your house, do not be afraid to tell them the best way to interact with your dog. This is exactly the kind of behavior that makes your dog forget his training.

If your dog suffers from separation anxiety when you’re away, encourage him to bond with other members of the household. The dog needs to have other people around to get rid of its fixation with you.

Always use your dog’s name to get his or her attention. To maintain control of your dog, you must be able to encourage a favorable response. Use your dog’s name several times a day. Make sure you never punish your pet for responding to his name.

Use high-value treats when training for the best results. Since these treats will be handed out sparingly, it should not matter too much if they are usually off limit items.

When you train your dog, you need to establish control. If the dog does not understand that you have control he will ignore your commands and act with outright disobedience. Always walk ahead of your dog when you go on walks, as this establishes that you hold a position of leadership.

While group training for dogs is sometimes accomplished in professional sessions,
you may wish to consider separate classes if you have more than one dog. However, if your dogs distract each other while training, try training each one separately first, then work with them together.

Now that the people who are interested in training their new pet dog have, hopefully, learned some new tricks, they can proceed to pass them along to their pets. Once a dog is on its way to learning, the owner will begin to appreciate the dedication that he or she has shown for doing the right thing for man’s best friend.

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