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Small Dog Breeds

Information About The Tibetan Terrier Dog Breed


The Tibetan Terrier is one of the 3 small Tibetan breeds. The other 2 are the Tibetan Spaniel and the Lhasa Apso. He is also closely related to the Tibetan mastiff, which is a much larger dog.

The Tibetan Terrier looks very much like a small Old English Sheepdog. Contrary to what the name implies, this breed is not a terrier at all and has no history or origin of going underground. He was originally bred to work in the farm in his native land. He is a very attractive dog with a shaggy-like appearance. In addition, he is a popular show dog, as well as a great house dog with a happy and gentle temperament.

Size: The ideal height for a Tibetan Terrier male is 14-16in and the ideal height for the Tibetan Terrier female is slightly smaller.

History and origin: The Tibetan Terrier was bred in the monasteries of Tibet with the purpose of working in the farm. This breed first reached Europe at the start of this century when both the Lhasa Apso and the Tibetan Terrier were known as the Lhasa Terriers. The situation became quite confusing until 1934 when the British Kennel Club formed the Tibetan Breeds Association. The Tibetan Terrier is included in the British Kennel Club's Utility group. Over the past 25 years, the breed has gained quite a number of fans and enthusiasts.

Feeding: The recommended amount of feeding for the Tibetan Terrier is ½ -1 can of high-quality meat with added biscuit of the same amount by volume or 1 ½ cupfuls of a complete, high-quality dry food.

Exercise: This breed requires regular exercise. He loves a good run in the yard or a walk in the park.

Grooming: His coat needs to be brushed thoroughly everyday to keep it in great condition.

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