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Small Dog Breeds

Information About The Papillon Dog Breed


The Papillion is a toy spaniel that takes its name from the French word for butterfly. This dog is often referred to as the "butterfly dog" because of the manner in which his ears are set on the head and fringed like a butterfly's wings. He is affectionate, full of life, and a good house dog. He is resilient, whelps easily, does well in obedience classes, and easily adapts to the extremes of different climates. His attractive look and friendly nature makes him an ideal family pet. But like many toy breeds, he has a tendency to be very possessive of his owners and often resents visitors to his home.

Size: His ideal height is about 8-11in. He should appear to be slightly longer than he is high when properly furnished with ruff and hind fringes.

Brief history: The Papillion is believed to be a descendant of the Dwarf Spaniel of the 16 th century and to have originated in Spain. The dainty little Papillion has been included in many painting, including some by Rubens and Van Dyke.

Feeding: The recommended feeding for the Papillion would be 1/3-1/2 can (13.3oz size) of a branded meaty product, with biscuit added in equal part by volume or 1-1 ½ cups of dry food.

Exercise: This dog has a lot of energy and will happily walk his owner off his feet. However, he will be content with a walk around the park.

Grooming: Daily brushing as well as regular overall grooming habits are required to keep this breed in great condition.

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