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Information About Puppies

Puppies With Sharp Teeth


All dogs feel the world through its mouth. Like people would use our eyes and hands to identify and understand things, dogs have their mouths, teeth, and tongue. As a puppy, your dog will have a tendency to abuse this practice, as they will wildly use their teeth to mouth and bit almost anything they can see. As the pup's owner, it is your duty to step in and teach your dog proper use of its mouth that would be considered more normal. This is called "bite-inhibition" training.

You should be firm, yet gentle, when teaching your puppy the "no-bite" command. When the dog takes a small nip at you with its teeth, forcibly grab him by the collar and while keeping eye contact for a few moments during the training, repeat the command of "no-bite!" in a firm voice. (Again let me remind you that you need to be as gentle as possible during these training activities).

After you have repeated the no-bite command a few times while looking into your puppy's eyes, release him. Just after this release, praise your puppy and tell him that he is a good doggy. Reach out to touch and pet him during this praise. If the dog acts up again and starts to nip at you, repeat the process.

An alternative way to teach your puppy not to use his teeth so much to nip at you and others is to use the "ignore" technique. Most dog owners do not follow this route but it can be just as effective.

Whenever your puppy bites at you, give the dog a loud and firm "no-bite!" command and instead of grabbing his collar, you simply fold your arms and ignore him. It's as simple as that. And after a few more minutes of ignoring the pup, go back to playing with him or petting him and repeat the process should he nip again.

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