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Information About Puppies

What Personality Type Is Your Puppy?


Here is a funny scenario that we have all experienced when trying to house train a new There are many factors that will determine what personality your puppy shapes itself into. In addition, each puppy will also have individual genetic qualities that will help determine factors such as varying degrees of shyness, dominance or aggressiveness, curiosity, excitability, etc. All dogs carry these traits, regardless if they are purebred or a mutt. Two of the most common personality types are the dependent puppy and the independent pup.

Dependant Puppy: The characteristics of a dependent puppy can usually be found in the smaller dog breeds, especially the "toy" breeds. This dog will constantly look for approval from you for any action he wants to take. This type of puppy also tends to be very emotional as well.

You will find that the dependent puppy will not be as curious as most dogs because they are very apprehensive. She will also want to stay very close to its owner. Unless you want to be in the habit of carrying your puppy around all of the time then be sure not to give in to the urge of wanting to hold her constantly. Just be gentle.

Independent Puppy: There is nothing wrong with a pup that is a little on the venturous side and likes to be more independent. You want a puppy that may think for itself at times, but not too much. Some dogs are more prone to cross the line of independence a little too far.

How can you tell if your puppy is an independent type? One sign is when the puppy will not respond to you in any way when you are calling him within only six feet of distance. Although he will hear you calling him and clapping for his attention, the pup will continue to sniff around and venture into whatever direction he is heading into. Take note that if you do not properly train this independent puppy then some big problems will occur as the dog grows into an adult because he will only focus on pleasing himself, as opposed to obeying the wishes of his owner.

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