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Information About Puppies

Why Does My New Puppy Have The Urge To Pee Only On My Carpet?


Here is a funny scenario that we have all experienced when trying to house train a new puppy:

It's been a while since the pup has gone to the bathroom and you are excited about getting him housebroken and watching him learn. So like always, you take the puppy outside to his puppy potty training spot to go to the bathroom. You wait, and you wait, and you wait. until fifteen or twenty minutes go by and still nothing. Finally, after a half an hour you decide that he just doesn't need to pee or doodle so you go back inside. Not a second after being on the floor inside the house your puppy pees all over the floor.

Now you may seem to think that your little dog is doing it on purpose and want to get angry, but first take a step back and realize that he just has not figured it all out yet. There is just no way possible that your puppy would have the reasoning ability to do such a thing on purpose in order to make you angry in the process. It's just that, for whatever reason that your puppy may have, he is simply confused about the difference with the indoor and the outdoor situation.

As the puppy's new owner you also have to keep in mind that the dog does not go potty until he has the urge to. And when he is urinating or pooping on your carpet, it's only because he just had to go at that specific time. It is going to take some time on your part to help your little pup get the procedure of being house-trained properly, not to mention patience and self control from getting mad at him.

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