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Information About Puppies

Don't Punish Your Puppies! Discipline Them


There is simply no right way of punishing young puppies. You just don't do it. Punishing your puppy is not a good start to having a loving relationship with them. Puppies are just like human babies and they do not understand acts of punishment. Punishing your puppies only gives them the impression that you do not like them, which in turn causes them to be shy or unresponsive toward you.

Striking your puppy with a rolled up newspaper, or even worse, spanking him with your hand is a very cruel act and should not be done, for whichever type of misbehavior he shows. Although it may seem to work on short term - your puppy stops what he's doing (his bad behavior) and appears to be sorry for his actions, punishing your puppy could result to a long term repercussion.

At worst, your puppy builds up a defense mechanism wall that might keep you from having that special bond with him. This wall could also result in your puppy's complete loss of trust and confidence in you. Minimally, you may have a hard time communicating with him as he gets older, which could affect your training and your dog's listening ability.

Another form of punishment is shouting: mad, loud, and poignant shouting. A loud and mean tone of your voice can send an impulse of fear to your tender puppy. If your pup has a personality of a rather stubbornness or dominance type, he will most likely turn indifferent to you.

Sure, puppies do need discipline sometimes. They need to know things that they are not supposed to be doing. They need to learn how to behave correctly, with family as well as strangers. Your attitude plays a very important role in disciplining your puppy. And above any kind of way to discipline your young dog, it is very important that he knows that you love him.

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