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Information About Puppies

How Much Should You Pay When Purchasing A New Puppy?


There's a lot more to owning a puppy than what you might think. You have to make sure that this really is what you want and that you can afford all the aspects of owning one. You would also need to evaluate your personality and your present and future lifestyle and make sure that you have room for owning a dog.

Financially speaking, your purchase price of getting a puppy will vary. You may get lucky and have nothing to pay, if you are getting the puppy from a friend or a relative; $40 and up if you are getting the puppy from an animal shelter; and $300 and up if you are getting the puppy from a breeder.

In some cases, you may need to spend more. If you are interested in raising a puppy for breeding or showing, then you are likely to pay more. Also, if you are interested in getting a tiny breed, you are more likely to pay extra because tiny breeds can only produce one to two puppies per litter. The breeder will have to charge you more if he is to profit from it. Examples of tiny breeds include Chihuahua, Chow Chow, Pug, Pekingese, Bulldog, Shih Tzu, English Toy Spaniel, and Japanese Chin.

You will also have to pay more if you are interested in acquiring a breed that is not recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC). Hundreds of foreign breeds from all over the world have very little quantity in the U.S. Owners and breeders who are fascinated in a foreign breed of dog must spend more money to be able to import good representatives as well as paying extra for the puppies.

But if you just want a simple nine week old puppy of a regular breed, one that will become a beloved member of your family and is not intended to be a stud dog or a show dog, then you should not have to spend more than $700.

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