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Information About Puppies

The Best Age To Bring Home A New Puppy


Nothing is as exciting as bringing home a brand new puppy! It is so much fun to bring home a new pup and introduce her to all of your friends and family; those cute ears, puppy eyes, and that oh so adorable timid look.

The first few days of a puppy's arrival into your home can be a trying one, for both the little dog and the new owner. There is an entirely new situation to deal with in your lives. It is especially hard for the puppy's mentality and emotional state.

After all, she finds herself suddenly taken from the den and litter-mates and is expected to immediately accept her new, foreign way of life. But don't worry, with a little patience and a sense of humor on your part, the first few days can go smoothly and with positive good feelings on both sides of the relationship.

What is the ideal age to bring home a puppy? Animal behaviorists and dog breeders both agree that the best age to separate a new puppy from its mommy to bring home to its new owner is approximately seven weeks of age. Up to ten weeks of age is preferable but there is no harm in having a puppy even at the minimum age mark of 49 days.

Keep in mind that your new puppy is not a toy. I understand that you will want to play with it non-stop but new puppies need lots of rest so do not overdo it because of your excitement. She will want to take naps during the morning, the afternoon, and again in the early evening.

On the other hand, during the first few days of discovering your new home and all of its neat places of interest, your new puppy may not sleep much. Between the excitement of meeting people and seeing the new objects and smells, she may be too busy to rest. Just let her do what she pleases and eventually this excitement will come down when the dog is more used to her surroundings.

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