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Greyhound Dog Breed

Dental Care For Greyhounds


If your Greyhound is biting correctly, then the top incisors will fit snugly in front of the bottom incisors. And the top canines will fit right in just behind the bottom canines. It is important for your dog to have correct occlusion.

Some Greyhounds have a very significant overbite in which the upper incisors fall far in front of the lower incisors. This condition is associated with what is called "base-narrow canines". This means that the bottom canines are displaced inward. When the Greyhound closes its mouth, those bottom canines will pierce the palate. You must have the canines which are causing the pain to be capped and/or cut down to an acceptable level.

Brush those teeth!

As common as it may seem, the best solution and care for your dog's teeth is regular teeth brushing sessions each day. If your Greyhound does not enjoy the stinging mint taste of human toothpaste then there is a toothpaste product specifically designed for dogs that tastes like meat. While that may not sound appealing to you and me, your dog sure will love it and look forward to the daily brushing ritual.

A common mistake by Greyhound owners, and all other dog owners for that matter, is that it is not necessary to brush a dog's teeth. They believe that all you need to do is have your dog chew dental biscuits, carrots, or rawhide, in order to keep the dog's teeth and gums clean.

This is absolutely false. In fact, while those chew items do help, they only offer minimal assistance at actually removing plaque. And if this plaque is not removed thoroughly by brushing your Greyhound's teeth, then it will attract bacteria and minerals which will harden and become tartar.

Greyhounds are very "teeth-brushing friendly"

Most dogs are very unnerving when it comes to sitting still while you scratch a strange brush in and out of their mouth. They are not used to the experience and will fight you all of the way. Luckily, the Greyhound is bred to be very corporative with humans, especially when being groomed

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