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Greyhound Dog Breed

Grooming Greyhounds


Thanks to your Greyhound's smooth thin coat, grooming your dog is relatively low maintenance compared to other longer haired breeds. When brushing your Greyhound, all you need is to go over the coat once or twice with a soft brush or even a damp cloth. Your goal when brushing your dog is to loosen dirt and impart a good sheen to the hair.

If your Greyhound is kept indoors most of the year with artificial lighting, then expect fur shedding year round. In addition, the spring season will bring about an extra major shedding occurrence. During this 'spring shedding' season, your Greyhound should be brushed with vigor once every day using a bristle or rubbery curry brush. It is also normal to have more hair shed after bathing your dog, and dead hairs are easy to dislodge when the coat is almost dry.

Greyhounds do not have to be bathed often to keep their coat clean and smooth, but she will be much more enjoyable to hold close if you do give semi-often baths. Although nothing can take the place of a real water & shampoo bath, an alternative is to use a rinse-free shampoo in between washings. These products are great for low maintenance of your Greyhound. You simply apply the shampoo to your dog's coat, rub in thoroughly, and let dry.

Dog shampoo is the best product to use when bathing your Greyhound. Do not use human shampoo. People have different pH values than dogs do. While human skin has a pH of 5.5, your Greyhounds has a pH of 7.5. This means that if you use our shampoo on your pet then his skin could lead to scaling and irritation.

The easiest area to wash your Greyhound is in a bathtub with a hand-held spray gun. You do not want your doggy to be cold, so warm the room first by running hot water to produce steam. To avoid the dog from slipping, be courteous and provide a rubber mat on the floor of the tub.

Start the bath by wetting down your Greyhound to the skin. Leave the head for last. Work the shampoo up to a lather and refrain from letting any get water or shampoo into the dog's eyes. Work this lather to his entire body, and lastly the head portion. You must rinse, of course, but be especially detail oriented by getting every last drop of shampoo out of your Greyhound's fur during the rinse. Leftover shampoo that dries could cause your Greyhound's skin to develop severe itchiness and dryness.

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