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Greyhound Dog Breed

Do Greyhounds Make Good Pets?


Would you like to understand better how the Greyhound dog differs as a pet than other breeds of dog? Because of their slick aesthetic physical attributes and their speeding racing history, many people have preconceived misconceptions about how they may be as a household pet. In today's article we will expand on educating you on the true nature of this spectacular looking breed of dog.

Greyhounds are very independent dogs because for centuries they were bred to chase without direction or interference from people. Be warned that your Greyhound will chase cats and other animals around the neighborhood if left unleashed.

If you think that your dog can be trusted to stay within the confines of your yard without a leash - think again! No matter how well trained your dog it, you cannot count on your Greyhound to stay put. It's in their blood to chase.

Compared to other hunting type dogs that have been domesticated as pets, the Greyhound will surprise you at just how easy it is to live with them. They are not overly dominant and hyperactive as many people think they are.

However, unlike other hunting dogs, Greyhounds were bred to release very quick bursts of energy which was used to quickly chase the target and be over with in minutes. What does this have to do with the dog as a pet? Well, because of this breeding trait, Greyhounds will sleep most of the day, conserving its energy. This is very similar to the liefstyle of a cheetah.

That being said, Greyhounds can work just fine as your pet, even if you live in a small spaced area like an apartment or small cottage. Since they do sleep a lot and they are instinctively prepared to expend lots of energy at times through the day, you will have to be willing to exercise your Greyhound at regular intervals.

It is important to follow a very strict routine if you are going to own a Greyhound. When you take them outside for their exercise and runs, they will become accustomed to going to the bathroom during this outing. They will expect the same outdoor trips every day. Greyhounds are ex-racers, so keep in mind that you cannot leave them unsupervised when going outside.

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