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Greyhound Dog Breed

Common Greyhound Facts


Will my Greyhound fight with other dogs? Greyhound dogs were bred to hunt and live with both people and other animals while getting along with everyone, particularly dogs. Of course your Greyhound may sometimes get into arguments with other dogs, but will rarely go looking for trouble for a fight. And because of their breeding, they will always choose to run first in a troublesome situation.

Are Greyhounds tolerant of little children? While Greyhounds are extremely gentle and loving dogs, you still need to properly train them to get used to the flamboyant nature of giddy kids. However, by turning the question around, you may ask if it is safe for the Greyhound to be around children. Why? Because due to the thin coat they have, Greyhounds are targets of getting bruised easily by rough children. Supervise them at all times.

Will my Greyhound respond well to yelling or rough discipline? The answer is no! Greyhounds are a breed of dog that must be treated with the gentle touch. Using negative disciplining techniques will not help your dog learn at a faster rate, rather it will cause him to digress and shy away from you out of fear.

Can Greyhounds be trained as good watchdogs? Unfortunately the Greyhound breed of dog makes for poor watchdogs. They are not eager to bark and biting is not in their nature. While these attributes are the sole reason why they make great family dogs, it is not advised to rely on them to be good watchdogs.

If kept indoors most of the time, will my Greyhound dog have a strong dog odor? Their coats are very smooth with extremely thin short hair so the Greyhound will not omit much odor. In fact, you do not have to give these dogs a bath as often as most other types of pet dogs.

Will the Greyhound's natural desire to run and chase make it dangerous to play outside? It cannot be stressed enough to be sure to keep your Greyhound leashed outside. Regardless of how well mannered and trained your dog is, the Greyhound's natural instinct to run and chase after moving objects can prove to be dangerous. They will not even move for cars if they are chasing something into the road so be careful with them!

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