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Greyhound Dog Breed

Greyhound Ear Problems


Don't let your Greyhound's ears suffer any more than they are already susceptible to. Because of their thin ear tips, these dogs are already a target for problems like fly bites.

These fly bits can cause irritation which could lead to heavy scratching. This in turn could lead to trauma and eventually broken blood vessels which results in bleeding of the ear tip. If your Greyhound's ears ever get to this point, please consult a veterinarian and have the dog treated.

Further problems could also hamper your dog's health at this point. The small capillaries of the ear tips give them very bad circulation which makes your Greyhounds susceptible to chilblains when the weather is cold. Chilblains are the result of the cells of the ear tips that have died due to a lack of oxygen.

This results from constriction of blood vessels in cold weather. These dead cells will cause itching and bleeding. The final result is ulceration. To help prevent this from happening to your Greyhound's ears, use a warm and snug fabric to keep the ears warm and close to the head during the winter time.

Last but not least, your Greyhound may produce ear infections due to the configuration of the ear canal which produces moisture. The dog's ear canal is made up of a very long vertical segment that all of a sudden turns horizontally towards the skull. This type of canal design makes it easy for the Greyhound's ears to gather moisture to induce an ear infections. Luckily, their ear flaps are covered low which blocks some moisture from appearing, but precautions should still be covered, especially in the cold.

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