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Greyhound Dog Breed

Greyhounds AKC and NGA


When purchasing a Greyhound you have the choice between an AKC or an NGA Greyhound. Both types of dog breed are lovable, sleek, and kind. Although both strains of dog are Greyhounds, there are indeed physical differences in their appearance and other factors.

Let's talk about AKC Greyhounds. They of course carry the very attributes and physical descriptions that you would assume comes in a "Greyhound". AKC Greyhounds more often are taller and narrower than the NGA Greyhound. They also have deeper chests, their legs and neck are longer, and their backs are more arched.

AKC Greyhounds also have more angled rear legs and lower tails than the NGA Greyhound dogs. Their ears are more tightly folded and smaller. In essence, everything that comes to mind when you think of a Greyhound is accentuated.

On the other hand, NGA Greyhounds have wider and longer bodies that run down into thicker tails. The muscles are less aesthetic and more bunchier than the AKC breed. The fur of the coat is also thicker, less sleek, and will more likely develop missing hair on the thighs portion of the legs.

Although it may seem from the physical descriptions that NGA Greyhounds are less "pretty" in terms of visual appeal, they are much faster than the AKC breed. In fact, they are also more keen to the chase (target). NGA Greyhounds are so fast that they may have a tendency to run to the pint of physically damaging themselves. So if you are seeking a breed of Greyhound that is more successful at "lure-coursing", then the NGA Greyhound is your best bet.

Either way you decide, both of the Greyhound breeds we are discussing in this article (AKC & NGA) are a delightful pet to have in the family. With all of the differences noted above, the main consideration that you will have to take into effect when decided in which breed type to buy, is whether you want a puppy or not.

Here is why: Most NGA Greyhound dogs will not become available for pet ownership until their racing career is completed. Unless you want an NGA Greyhound puppy that is either injured or is the runt of the pack, then you will have to settle for a dog that is between the ages of 2 and 4 when released from racing. But don't worry, since the life expectancy of the dog is 10-14 years old, this leaves you plenty of time to enjoy the NGA Greyhound with your family for plenty of years to come.

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