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Dog Supplies

Shock Training Aids For Dogs


Remote Shock Collars

Remote shock collars have been around for a long time. Even years ago the device was commonly used as a means of delivering punishment from a distance. These collars may still be used in an inappropriate manner if the user is unskilled in training and reinforcement techniques. Many professional dog breed trainers feel as though the companies who manufacture these collars have in fact come a long way, not only in refining the collars themselves but also in responsibly providing books and videos on correct usage and procedure.

The technique for general training is less compulsive than leash and collar training. Many people are under the impression that only an emotionally strong dog can deal with the stress of a remote collar; this is not true. Many smaller and less strong-willed breed of dogs have been trained successfully using remote shock collars.

Bark trainers

Electric anti-bark trainers are on the retail market as well as the aforementioned hand-held remotes. Anti-bark collars work well, providing that the dog understands how to shut down the stimulation. As with all remote collars, primary training is essential prior to using an anti-bark device.

Another issue is learning when and why the dog is barking. Dogs that are barking from stress or anxiety may stop barking while wearing a remote anti-bark device but will almost certainly displace their stress and form other undesirable behaviors.

It is recommended that owners of barking dogs look into the causes of the barking before using an anti-barking tool. Addressing the cause can often supply a less drastic and long term solution.

PetSafe Bark Control

PetSafe Bark Control

Inhibits nuisance barking with 18 levels of self-adjusting correction and 3 intensity levels that automatically adjusts to your dog's temperament, these settings accommodate the most sensitive and the most stubborn dogs. Patented Perfect Bark technology uses vibration sensors to ensure your dog's bark is the only sound that will cause a correction. Features a durable waterproof collar for dogs over 8 lbs and that adjusts 8"-28" and has QuickFitT buckle for a perfect fit, lightweight 4 oz. design and Lifetime Limited Warranty. This system uses a PetSafe Battery (model # RFA-67).

Invisible Boundary Fences

These fences have become popular in the suburbs where zoning regulations often prohibit conventional fencing. This form of containment is surely better than no fence at all, but will not keep stray animals out of your yard. Most dogs are readily trained to "respect" the boundary, although some dogs will tolerate the correction to explore the world. Once a dog breaks through to the outside, he would have to take a correction for attempting to return through the boundary line. Funny how most dogs are prepared to take the stimulation in order to escape but not willing to take the same stimulation to return home.

Most prefer standard fencing to electric, but again, electric is better than none. In any case, dogs should not be left outside alone for too many hours at a time. It frustrates them, and they will begin barking endlessly or running the perimeter of your property terrorizing people passing by.

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