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Dog Supplies

Using A Shampoo To Bathe Dogs


Every dog, whether shorthaired or longhaired, needs to be groomed on a regular basis. Dogs also need to be bathed regularly. They love to be clean and groomed, evidenced by how playful they become after grooming sessions. They enjoy being told how beautiful they look, and a clean dog is a lot more fun to train than a dirty dog.

In bathing your dog, the general guideline in bathing is this: When your dog smells like a dog, bathe him. Some dogs' coats repel dirt and pollution more effectively than others. Dogs live in a variety of environments, and his environment, as well as how much your dog is exposed to dirt or how dirty your dog becomes just eating his food, will dictate how often to bathe.

The easiest way to bathe your dog is in the bathtub because you need hot and cold water to get the shampoo out of his coat. You need to get a spray attachment for the faucet and a rubber mat to prevent him from slipping. Start bathing your dog when he is still a puppy and you can easily get him in and out of the tub. As he grows up, size permitting; he will get into the tub by himself. Make it a pleasant experience by giving him a treat after you have placed him into the tub and after his bath. Also teaching your dog to stand on command helps considerably.

Use a gentle shampoo diluted with water. If you use the shampoo full strength, it will take a while to rinse him and get all the shampoo out of his coat. Dry him with a thick towel, and you are all set.

If you have a small dog, bathing him in the kitchen sink will be easier on your back. Another alternative is to bathe him in a washtub outside, although you may not have access to warm water, and in some parts of the country, bathing him outside would not work too well in the winter.

Coat Handler Groomers 15:1 Shampoo

Coat Handler Groomers 15:1 Shampoo

Coat Handler's Groomer's 15 to 1 Shampoo cleans quickly and thoroughly without harsh detergents or chemicals. It will safely remove residues, stains and discolorations without damaging the coat, and helps highlight and brighten all coat colors. Available in 16 oz., 1 and 5 gallon sizes.

Contrary to popular belief, only few dogs do not like getting a bath. Most of them actually enjoy it. They love the attention, and the warm water makes them calm and relaxed.

For bathing your dog, choose a mild herbal shampoo, something you would use for yourself. Rinsing your dog in a solution of apple cider vinegar and water, ½ vinegar and ½ water helps to repel fleas and other skin parasites. This solution also balances out the pH levels of the skin and is excellent for minor skin irritations. Your dog will have a wonderfully shiny coat after this treatment.

Dog Wash or Shampoo Rack

Dog Wash or Shampoo Rack

We have had numerous requests for a top-notch and economical bathing system - we've finally found one to our exacting specs! This system has been quality tested in several prominent grooming schools with extremely favorable results. This unit will save you time while also ucing the excessive waste of shampoos and rinses. By providing a continuous supply of properly mixed shampoo it will avoid harmfully strong or ineffective weak mixtures. This system has a switch for switching from shampooing to rinsing and from rinsing to using crème rinses if desi . This system does not re-circulate the water to assure the user of clean water and fresh shampoo mixtures.

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