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Dog Supplies

Remote Training Devices For Dogs


Monitors: When first training your dog to be responsible in your home, you want to be aware the moment an inappropriate behavior occurs because corrections long after the fact are worthless. As a behavior is occurring is the time you can teach your dog right from wrong. There are commercially manufactured motion sensitive devices that blurt out a sound to let you know that Rover is in the wrong place and there are even seen elaborate camera systems designed to "spy" on mischievous pets. If your dog is sneaking up onto counters, tables, and furniture, these sensor devices might be worthwhile.

Audible: There are a wide variety of audible remote devices on the market. Some have ultrasonic frequencies that are inaudible to humans, while others are detectable by the human ear. There are audible hand-held units that are pressed by you for off-leash control, and others that emit the sound when motion sensors are remotely triggered by your dog.

The distance that each unit will be effective should be taken into account. Ultrasonic units are most effective at the shortest distance and lose efficacy as distance increases. Keep in mind that the units that squelch audible sounds will scare you too when you press the button. A friend of mine used to use boat horns to get focus from dogs that were running away from him during dog shows. The problem was that he ended up getting focus from everyone within a one-mile radius.

Physical: Physical correction tools are amazingly effective. They include electrically charged mats, mousetrap-type devices, and horrifically odoriferous products such as ammonia or pepper. Setups include a wide variety of inventive procedures as well. For example, place a small bit of bread on your counter top and run a few strips of double-sided carpet tape along the edge. When your dog jumps up onto the counter and gets his feet stuck he will not be quick to return to the counter-top.

Some dog breeds are less tactile and sensitive and may require a stronger correction. Electric mats offer a few levels of stimulation, and when your dog puts his feet on it, it will sting. Remember, to the dog you should not appear involved in this. T he sting came as a result of your dog's behavior, which is unrelated to you. Say nothing or if anything console the dog when it comes to you for safety. You remain safe to your dog as the counter begins to appear dangerous.

Scat Mat

Scat Mat

The Scat Mat says "NO!", when you can't! Vets and animal behaviorists recommend the Scat Mat, as it is a painless and quick way to correct bad habits and train your pet to stay off of the furniture, counter tops, tables, window sills and more. Powe by a 9 volt battery (not included), the flexible vinyl mat conforms to virtually any surface, and emits a low power static pulse when your pet comes in contact with it. A built in visitation counter lets you know how many times the mat has been activated in your absence. Low, medium and high settings allow for customized training for any size pet. The extension mat (sold separately) quickly and easily expands your coverage area. Primary units are available in Scat Strip: 3" x 46", Scat Mat: 48" x 20" and Scat Mat Junior: 30" x 16". Also available are Scat Mat Extension: 48" x 20" and Scat Mat Junior Extension: 30" x 16".

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