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Dog Supplies

Types Of Leash Material


The length and width of a leash has to do with the height of the handler and the size and weight of your dog. A tall handler with a small breed of dog will need a very long leash in order to keep the leash slack enough to offer comfort and taut enough to have control of his dog. A short handler will need a short lead if they have a large breed dog. For example, a person who is five feet ten inches tall with a dog sixteen inches high, weighing thirty pounds, would pick a six-foot leash that is one-half inch wide. Heavier dogs need wider, stronger leads. And keep in mind that with age, maturity, and growth, equipment use is changed from the soft and frequently colorful puppy equipment to more functional attire.

Leather Leashes: Most dog owners prefer harness leather leashes over latigo (typical) leather although latigo is strong enough for most breeds of dog. You may also prefer to have your obedience leash to be braided on both ends with a quality brass snap and no stitches or rivets. Personally, when I use a lead for protection training, I prefer the lead to be double stitched and riveted. These leads are one-half inch thick and three-quarters of an inch wide and four to six feet in length.

Latigo Dog lead Black

Latigo Dog lead Black

Top Quality Leather! These high-quality collars and leads are made from the most durable leather on the market. Heavy oil treated leather with heavy-duty hardware. There's nothing better than natural material that breathes with the conditions. The more it's used, the more comfortable it becomes. These Latigo collars and leads are made from high-quality leather. Available in Burgundy or Black.

Cotton Leashes: Dog handlers have always used these leads for their durability and cost effectiveness. They are a comfort in your hand and are easy to find in any local pet supply store. You should still look for the leash with the brass clip. It may cost a bit more but is apt to last longer.

Web Training Lead Green

Web Training Lead Green

Soft, cotton webbing. Prefer by trainers and easy on the hands. 8" handle and top quality nickel bolt snap. Single layer construction, stitched with premium nylon thread. Used by trainers.

Nylon Leashes: Nylon leashes are very strong but can be a little rough on the hand if your dog forges on its leash. Advantages for a puppy are that nylon is hard to chew up, therefore there will be less mouthing on the lead. If necessary, the leash is porous enough to soak in taste deterrent and is washable.

Nylon Training Lead - Blue

Nylon Training Lead - Blue

Single ply nylon webbing with strong bolt snap. Gives plenty of space yet keeps pet protected within a defined area.

Chain Leashes: Chain leashes definitely curb mouthy leash behavior. These leashes come in a variety of sizes. Should you choose a chain lead, be sure to pick one strong enough for your dog. Be sensible and avoid getting a tow truck line for your dog. For most situations this is an uncomfortable choice of leads, but some people value their strength. This is due in fact because chain leashes do tend to be strong.

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