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Dog Supplies

Different Types Of Combs And Brushes For Your Dog


Unless you are grooming your dog for the show ring, many brushes and combs can substitute for other types. For example, a pin brush can take the place of a slicker brush in some breeds while a hound glove can take the place of a currycomb.

In order to best use each tool for its specific purpose, below is a brief description of what each kind of brush and comb is specifically designed for. Select the tools that you need for your individual breed

1. Natural bristle brush: This brush has bristles that are softer, gentler, and less likely to cause static electricity in a dog's coat than artificial bristles such as those made from nylon. Natural bristle brushes are all-purpose brushes designed to smooth hair and distribute natural oils to the coat.

bristle brush

2. Pin brush: Pin brushes are generally used for long-haired breeds like Shih Tzu and Lhasa Apso, and heavily double-coated breeds like Old English Sheepdogs and Chow Chows. Pin brushes help to detangle long, tangle-prone coats and also work well on hard wire coats for an overall brushing before hand stripping.

PSI Stainless Steel Wire Pin Brush

PSI Stainless Steel Wire Pin Brush

For medium to long hair. Stainless steel pins in rubber cushion. Sizes: Medium- 9 Rows of teeth Large -13 rows of teeth

3. Slicker brush: This type of brush has densely set wire teeth effective at removing mats and dead coat from long, wire, and curly-coated dogs. They are great when your dog is blowing coat because they efficiently remove large amounts of dead hair, but because they can also pull out some of the live hair, they are not ideal for show dogs who want to maintain lush coats. However, they are ideal for grooming heavy shedders around the house because they get rid of maximum amounts of hair with minimum effort.

Warner Slicker Brush

Warner Slicker Brush

Foam cushioned head with bent spring steel bristles. Sizes: Small -2 1/2" x 2" Large- 4 1/4" x 2"

4. Rubber curry brush: These oval-shaped rubber brushes are perfect for smooth coats because they polish the coat and remove dead hair, minimizing shedding, but the rounded rubber "bristles" are gentle on the sensitive skin of smooth-coated breeds.

Rubber Brush 8

Rubber Brush 8"

The JW Rubber Brush helps to remove dead hair and skin and can also be used during bathing to work up a rich lather. 8"L x 3-1/4"W and the teeth are 3/16".

5. Fine, medium, and wide-toothed combs: Fine and medium combs are best for dogs with soft, silky, fine to medium-textured hair. They work through the coat to remove any last traces of tangle, and they also double as flea combs to help remove parasites and flea dirt when present. Wide-toothed combs are better for breeds with very thick, dense coats, but they serve the same purpose: to remove all tangles after brushing. Combs should feel comfortable in your hand, and metal combs with rounded teeth are sturdy and gentle on skin. In dogs prone to static electricity, try a wooden or teflon comb.

Teflon 7.5

Teflon 7.5" Combs

Teflon coated to uce static electricity. Available in Fine/Medium and Medium/Coarse. Size: 7-1/2"L..

6. Mat comb, mat splitter, and coat rake: These "combs" are specifically designed to remove mats in long and curly coats. These tools break up matted hair with angled teeth and work best in conjunction with a spray or liquid detangling product.

Bernina Original Mat Comb

Bernina Original Mat Comb

The Bernina is the original German made mat comb with 9 serrated blades. Designed to easily and quickly cut through hair which lessens the stress on the dog. Comb Size : 7-1/4in L and the teeth are 2-1/4in L. Be sure to order the replacement blades, just to have them handy when necessary.

7. Hound glove: These gloves actually slip over your hand. They are covered on one side with natural bristles. Rub these gloves over your smooth-coated dog to remove dead hair efficiently, brightening and shining the coat.

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