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Dog Supplies

Types Of Body Wear Collars


Collars are often chosen as a fashion statement but these choices should change with your requirements for your dog's training. When you train obedience you should choose one collar; if you are training your dog in protection, you might need another type. This all evolves as your dog becomes more off-lead responsible.

Leather Collars: Leather collars are soft and come in a flat or round shape. They tend to be gentle on your dog's neck, and in general the wider the collar (one and a half to two inches), the more comfortable the fit. The round leather collar is more likely to produce hacking behaviors if your dog forges.

Some leather collars are sold for training German shepherd dogs, rottweilers, and other competition protection breeds. They are two inches wide and made for comfort during agitation and bite training.

Metallic Leather Paw Print Collar Apricot

Chain Collars: Chain collars are usually of the slip-choker or pinch-collar variety. These collars are used strictly for training, so once trained, dogs should be outfitted with more comfortable equipment. The chain slip collar can be a very effective tool when used correctly. If you have one of these on your dog, and he is choking at the end of the leash, take it off. Knowledge of correct usage is essential or the collar is merely abusive. The device is meant to be worn loose on your dog and used in conjunction to voice and body postures. Learning how to use it takes practice and usually professional assistance.

Choke Chain Collar X-Heavy 4.0mm

Choke Chain Collar X-Heavy 4.0mm

These chrome-plated choke chains are rugged and very strong.

Pinch Collars: The pinch or prong collar looks barbaric but is a very useful tool when used correctly, and it offers much less potential for injury than the slip collar. The pinch collar is fitted to the neck size for effectiveness. This collar should be used with the aid of a professional in that the discomfort offered by this collar can result in an aggressive overreaction by a dog. But it is a great tool for the right handler and the right dog.

Therapet Prong Training Collar

Therapet Prong Training Collar

Guaranteed never to rust, break or tarnish! These Prong training Collars are made of snag-proof, chrome-plated stainless steel for the most reliable corection. Includes (removable) soft, rubber tips on every prong for comfort and safety. Extra links are sold separately to enlarge collar size. Measure your dog's neck and add 1"-2" for correct fit. Size for collars: 14" 2.5mm 18" 3.0mm 20" 3.25mm 22" 3.8mm Links Available in: 3-pack 2.5mm 3-pack 3.0mm 3-pack 3.25mm 3-pack 3.8mm

Nylon Collars: As with the nylon leashes, these collars are also very strong. They are great house collars. You can hang your dog's vaccination and identification tags off of them. They are durable, affordable, and available in many colors.

Nylon Adjustable Collar 10-14 In Red

Nylon Adjustable Collar 10-14 In Red

Made of terrific looking and long-wearing nylon. These adjustable collars close easily and securely with a 2-piece high-impact plastic buckle. They can be custom sized for a perfect fit. Size: 10" - 14"L x 5/8"W. Sizing Instructions: Measure around you pet's neck and add 2 inches. Color: . Additional sizes and colors available.

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