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Big Dogs

Which Large Dog Should You Pick?


Do not assume your big canine pet will become a famous show dog or an obedience trial champion. However, you can use those achievements for comparison to begin the search for your chosen large breed. Purchase a copy of one of the various dog magazines found in a bookstore. These magazines will list dog shows and other canine events in your area, and then plan to attend one or more. Once there, buy a premium list that will tell you in which ring and at what time your breed will be shown. After you have seen the best of your breed exhibited, you can talk to breeders of that specific breed.

Watch your breed participate in other canine competitive events such as agility trials, field trials, coursing, tracking, weight pulling, and fly-ball events. Watch your chosen breed's ability, training, and enthusiasm in these events. You can find out a great deal of information about your breed by watching his representatives in competition.

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