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Big Dogs

Finding Suitable Places For Large Dog Breeds


Most large breeds adapt well to car travel and it is a good idea to invest in a dog guard, which partitions off the rear of the vehicle and prevents the dog from clambering into the driver's seat. Never leave a dog in a car without making sure that there is a window open allowing sufficient ventilation. This advice refers to all breeds, particularly flat-nosed ones.

If you wish to exhibit your large dog you may decide to buy an indoor kennel which can also be used as a carrier crate and will fold flat in the boot of your car. Such kennels, which are made in a wide range of sizes, are constructed of sturdy wire mesh. They are easy to erect and have a removable base tray. They are, therefore, ideal for the owner who wishes to safely leave a puppy for a few hours during the toilet training and teething stage. The pup's basket can be put in the kennel, together with his water bowl, and the kennel base lined with newspaper. It is rare for a puppy or an adult dog to soil his bed, and the newspaper can be easily discarded.

Whether a large dog is to live indoors as a member of the family or be kennelled outside must be a matter of choice. Owners with several large dogs may find it impractical for them all to live indoors and some people are of the opinion that it is softening for a working dog. Large, thick-coated breeds will certainly be fine in outdoor quarters provided that they have

especially constructed kennel which enables them to stand, turn about and curl up in comfort. They must have adequate bedding and be protected from extremes of temperature.

You can buy a kennel with an adjoining exercise run and it is obviously beneficial if this additional facility can be provided. If you choose to kennel your large dog outside it is essential that he should not be forgotten for hours on end. You must visit him frequently to make sure that he has adequate fresh water, that his kennel is clean, and that he is fed, groomed and regularly let out for proper exercise.

Do not get a large dog if your aim is to keep him just as a burglar alarm, constantly chained up. All dogs need affection and a liberal amount of freedom. To chain a dog continually is not only cruel, but in some places it is also illegal. Most people who buy a large dog want him to be their companion and share their life. This is the role to which he is best suited for and he will reward his owner a hundred-fold with devotion, loyalty and companionship.

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