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Big Dogs

Picking A Large Breed As Your Family Dog


Why do you want a dog that stands 25 or more inches tall, and may eventually weigh more than 100 pounds? Is the dog's prospective role in your family that of a worker, a friend and companion, or is he to be relegated to status symbol? Does your neighbor have a noisy little terrier that you hate and want to dominate in every way? These questions sound strange but many a giant-puppy shopper unconsciously discovers such motives lurking behind the desire to own a big dog. Do you think that owning a large dog will create a safe zone around you and your property?

Occasionally, a person obtains a large-breed puppy based on size or appearance without any regard to the breed's inherent characteristics. For instance, a Bloodhound or Black and Tan Coonhound may be purchased solely on the merits of his long velvety ears, wrinkly skin, laid-back personality, and sad eyes. These breeds are great when used for scenting

and trailing game. For years they have been selectively bred to be superior trail hounds, with fantastic senses of smell. However, such a dog needs the place and time to pursue those skills. You do not have to enter hunting or scent trial competition to keep these hounds happy but they should be given the opportunity to follow their noses on a regular basis.

Just like any other pets, large dogs have personalities that must fit with yours. They have demands that must be met. They can be expensive to care for and require a great commitment from their owners. You should proceed with selection only after you have determined that your reasons for owning a big dog are appropriate and logical. If you love dogs, want to share your life with a dog, can financially afford to buy and maintain a canine pet, and do not appreciate moderate-sized or small dog breeds because of habits or personalities, then you are probably a candidate for big dog ownership. Having understood all of then, If you have available time to care for, train, socialize, and exercise your big dog, then you may continue with the selection process.

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