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Dogs are a very important part of our lives and have been for quite some time. On this site we have facts, tips and information about puppies and dogs, including various dog breeds, dog grooming, dog heath related topics, dog buying and training tips and dog nutrition.

Dogs have been working side-by-side with humans for many years. Assisting the blind and deaf, guarding premises, detecting illegal substances and explosives, helping in hunting expeditions and being weapons of war are just to name a few. However, many people find that dogs provide great warmth, fun and entertainment as pets. It is not rare to find some dog lovers treating their dogs as if they were their own children.

This site intends to provide articles of interest for dog and puppy lovers. Whether you want to buy a new puppy or dog, treat your dog for an injury or other health problem or train your dog to be obedient or perform tricks, you should be able to find a relevant article here. If not, please contact us and we shall try and find one.

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Dog Parasites - Learn how to prevent , treat and identify dog parasites such as fleas, ringworms, mites, lice, heartworms and tapeworms.

Disease Prevention and 1st aid - Has your dog got any health problems? You may find some acticles here that will assist you getting your dog healthy again.

Small Dogs - A brief description and some peculiarities of several small dog breeds. Learn some grooming, feeding and exercise tips for these breeds of dogs.

Dog Grooming - Some tips on how to keep your dog well groomed. Keep your dog looking good and feeling good.

Greyhounds - Some information about Greyhounds, including history, training tips, grooming tips, suitability as pets and racing info.

Puppies - Information about puppies, including what to look for when buying one, how much they cost, training tips and puppy behaviour.

Dog Behavior Problems and Training - Want to have some explanations as to why your dog behaves in a particular way? Want some training tips to keep your dog under control. If yes, then you may find some articles within this section to help you.

Showing Your Dog - Have you considered making your dog a show dog? Find some information here that may help you get some ideas to assist you and your dog perform well in shows.

Dog Supplies - Find facts and information about different types of dog supplies, including collars, crates, leashes, bath equipment, dog toys and dog grooming tools.

Big Dogs - A brief description and some peculiarities of several big dog breeds. Learn some feeding advice, typical traits, history and ideal homes for these breeds of dogs.

A Dog Blog was introduced to this dogguidance.com on the 7th April 2006. Feel free to have a look at it and make some comments.

Dog Training Review - A reiview of some dog training resources available over the web.


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Facts, tips and information about dogs

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